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A Cancer Journey and Love Story

RUN ON , AMY is a book written by Phil and Amy Alain about Amy's  short but inspiring cancer journey of 9 months from May 2018-2019. The book details daily journals by Amy and how she faced her cancer and by Phil and how he acted daily as the caregiver. 

The Story

 Over 9 short months my wife Amy and I wrote daily blogs on social media as we tried to navigate her shocking diagnosis of lung cancer and make sense of this unimaginable time in our lives. She was only 38, a mother of two beautiful children aged 6 and 8 years old,  and in remarkably good shape being an ultra athlete, trail runner,  triathlete and fitness instructor. Shortly after Amy was diagnosed with lung cancer she quickly turned a painful scenario into one that changed her corner of the world for the better. This book is about our journey as a couple that will hopefully inspire you, change the way you get up and look at each day and show you how love is everything.

 The book is a real-time blog journey that details Amy’s day to day experience with lung cancer and my experience alongside her as the caregiver. When Amy was diagnosed she began a lunges for lung cancer awareness campaign that went viral around the country. We wrote our joys and pains daily on social media and as the journey carried on her posts became an inspiring story that changed the lives of many. 

She always wanted to publish a book about her journey but with a different ending. This book is not about how she died though. It is about how she lived. 

Not just with cancer but everyday. 

It is a book of inspiration, a book to understand lung cancer, a book to understand how hard cancer can be on a family. It explores the joys and pains of life and is a true love story between us and our children and how we coped with one of life’s greatest challenges .

It is raw and real. It talks about things that normally we hide away. It has great joy and great pain. 

But it is life. 

We hope this book will change how you look at each and every day. The writings became not only valuable insight into the challenges of cancer but what the daily struggles were like for a mother fighting cancer knowing that her children may lose her and a caregiver who must try to keep a family from falling apart while being a caregiver to his beloved wife. 

The odds were heavily stacked against Amy's survival. So rather than dwell on the 95% chance she would die she focused on the 5% that she would live. And live she did.The book is an emotional, raw, and real journey from two perspectives that is rarely ever shared. The ending of the story was not what either of us would have wanted or expected but the remarkable journey she had and how she changed lives daily by simply being who she was as a person will carry on for decades. 

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