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General donations may be made through our donation page

To Sponsor a room, a month, 2 weeks, a week or a day send an email HERE and we will respond ASAP with details.

Check out our great support team HERE



 Amy's House is always looking for volunteers to assist at the home, whether its shovelling walks, bringing meals, general yard maintenance, mowing the yard, or offering rides or services to cancer patients. 

To Volunteer For Home Support email :

Amy's House



Amy's House is always looking for volunteers for special events and fundraisers.

To Volunteer for Events email: 

Amy's House

Upcoming Volunteer Events:


Follow along here as we continue to build the house



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Let's Make A Difference

Here are some ways you can donate:


Make a donation‏.

Over the Phone

Call Trina Alain (780) 934-3979

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