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Lunges for Lung Cancer Awareness

Within a a few weeks of Amy's diagnosis she quickly decided to take her negative situation and turn it into a positive. Being diagnosed with lung cancer she realized that it is the most deadly cancer of them all yet receives little funding or recognition in comparison to other cancers due to its connection to smoking. However more than 25% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed without ever having smoked -and the number is on the rise. Knowing the stigma that was attached to lung cancer she decided to raise awareness by doing 58 lunges daily for the 58 Canadians on average who die every day from lung cancer.

58 lunges for each person. 

The campaign went viral online and continues to this day. Follow Lunges for Lung Cancer Awareness on Facebook and help end the stigma that is attached to lung cancer and help raise awareness for earlier detection and possibly a cure. 

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