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About Us


A Home Away from Home For Cancer Patients


Amy’s House provides free accommodations for family’s who must travel more than 100 Kms to Edmonton to receive cancer treatments. Amy’s House is now “two” homes in Edmonton that are side by side and within 12 minutes’ drive from three hospitals- the Royal Alexander Hospital, University of Alberta Hospital and the Cross Cancer Institute.

Each home accommodates one family at a time typically for extended periods of time based on their treatments. (approx. 2–6-week periods depending on treatment schedule)


The homes provide a safe, comfortable environment for families by allowing them to stay in their own space much like if they were in their own home so they can have the privacy they need and convenience of proximity to their treatments during this difficult time.




In May of 2018 - 37-year-old Amy Alain, a young mother of two children and loving wife to husband Phil Alain, was diagnosed with stage 3b non-small cell adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Amy was a fitness instructor, triathlete, and an Ultra-Runner so the diagnosis came as a shock to her and her family. Throughout her journey she made it a mission to help others and started the campaign Lunges for Lung Cancer awareness. For 8 months she did lunges to raise awareness of the seriousness of lung cancer and how it does not only affect those who smoke. Her message- “If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer.”

Even in the last month of her life she continued to do lunges from her hospital room. Unfortunately, Amy passed away on February 22nd, 2019, after inspiring thousands through her efforts while she fought so hard to beat her own cancer.

One of Amy's wishes was to someday set up a home for people who are going through cancer treatments that are from out of town. So many times, she sat and talked with people while getting her treatments who drove hours daily just to receive radiation or chemotherapy treatments then must return home just to do the drive all over again the next day feeling so ill from the cancer already and now coping with the side effects of the treatments.


Amy’s House 1 was officially opened on September 28 th 2019 what would have been Amy’s 39th birthday and a second home was opened in May of 2023. The homes provide comfort for patients and family members to help ease their emotional and physical discomfort while they carry on with their personal journey battling cancer. Amy and their family were very fortunate to live close to the Cross Cancer Institute and had remarkable support from so many friends and family while Amy went through her cancer treatments. It was Amy’s wish that one day she could provide the same for many others by creating a home that would provide convenience and comfort for families in need.


Therefore....Amy’s House has become the realization of her dream.


Meet The Team

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